Champions of Neverwinter

Neverwinter Raids

The Champions of Neverwinter, a secret group of agents working out of Helm’s Hold, was hired on some missions. A wealthy merchant seeking to reclaim his estate hired the party to clear his mansion of squatting goblins. The party defeated the goblins and restored the estate to its rightful owner. The party refrained from looting the mansion, leaving it the way they found it. The party was assisted by a strange purple and gold elf wizard that left after the mission and did not return to Helm’s Hold. His name was hard to pronounce and none learned it.

Next, the Lord Protector of Neverwinter, the honorable Dagult Neverember, hired Helms Hold to perform a raid on the orcs that are occupying the southeast quarter of the city. The party raided a guard building near the city wall, defeating the orcs (boiling some in a cauldron in fact) and freeing a blacksmith and his apprentice. The party recovered some onyx gems and 2 potions from the orcs, and Cerberus in a rather barbaric act discovered he favors the taste of boiled orc.

The party was paid in gold for their services on both missions.



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