Champions of Neverwinter

The Rampaging Dead

The party started searching for the Black Stone, and had a breakthrough when they interviewed Drogan the city historian. He had the stone in his shop of antiquities but it had been stolen. His shop had been broken into through a sewer drain, and a torn piece of grave cloth was found on the drain. Only the stone was taken. Previously, a strange old man with stone grey skin and a staff had inquired about the stone also. Could this man be the Black Dragon that had been seeking the stone? Tressa made a deal with the city historian – if he provided info on the location of her hidden family fortune, and about the history of her family and their relationship to other houses, he would get a 5% cut of the fortune.

They followed down into the drain and through the tunnels and sewers beneath Neverwinter they eventually found the catacombs beneath Neverdeath cemetery. They found the Tomb of Heroes, and inside was a cold chill and many undead to fight. Cerberus obtained a holy sword from the ghost of a dead paladin. The party defeated a powerful Wight that was using the stone to raise undead minions. Now the party has recovered the black stone.

The party was invited to dinner with Neverwinter Mayor, Sabine. He was pleased with the party’s aid to the city, and is seeking their help to eliminate the Sons of Algardon as a threat, preferably by killing their claimed heir to the throne. He offers 10,000 GP. Sabine discusses other challenges of the city, including another buyer that threatens to outbid and hire away the Mintarn Mercenaries that keep order in the city.

The party also met with Niro from the Sons of Algarond. They would not say much about the heir or his location, and did not seem to have much of a vision for how to rebuild the city other than to assume once the rightful heir was on the throne and Dagult Neverember and his mercenaries were driven out then everything would fall into place. Niro admitted their smuggling for the Black Monestary – they paid well – but claimed to have no idea of their schemes. Niro offered the party 5,000 GP to kill Mayor Sabine or Dagult Neverember, or to free their members from the city prison.

The party began to keep an eye on Niro, and tracked him with crumbs from their magic bread. They found he occasionally goes to the blackwater docks and departs on a ship. The dockmaster did not know where the ship goes.
Cerberus had some clothes made, and the tailor Estaban complained that a halfling named Shrew was collecting protection money from all the merchants.

With the state of affairs in Neverwinter, the party begins to wonder whether Dagult or the Algarond heir should rule Neverwinter, or whether they can provide a better alternative…



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