Cerberus is a dragonborn Paladin of Helm, a zealot and defender of the people.


Cerberus is strong and powerful with red and gold scales, and cunning yellow eyes. He has vestigial wings along his back. He wears a rich flowing cape of red and gold and is equipped with a golden colored sword and armor.


Cerberus’ egg was found in a field and brought to the kitchen for cooking when Rusty, Steward of Helm’s Hold Monastery noticed and pointed out it was a Dragonborn egg and should be taken care of. Cerberus’ grew up in the monestary under Rusty’s care and became a model holy warrior. Cerberus is dedicated to Helm the Protector and also reveres Tyr and Bahamut.

Cerberus’ is honest, intense, and fanatical about duty and belief. Like many dragonkind, Cerberus can sometimes have an air of superiority, be showy, and likes to horde wealth. Unlike most dragons, Cerberus can be forgetful or absent-minded at times, frustrating his own plans with a simple mistake.

Rights & Wrongs
Everyone should stand against evil, defend the weak, and do what is right and just. Cerberus supports what is just, regardless of a person’s position or stature.
Wealth is not a curse or a vice, it is a sign of divine blessing.

Character Goals
Be great and powerful like a dragon
Protect and defend the weak, heal the sick.
Ride a dragon mount
Defend my horde – wealth and power are my just birthright.

There is an old neverwinter legend, “The champion of Neverwinter shall save the city. He rides to victory on dragon’s wings.” Cerberus’ is sure this prophecy must be about him.

The greatest swordsman in Neverwinter, the one who wins the tournaments and competitions, is officially known as “The Champion of Neverwinter”. Cerberus’ desires to hold that title one day.


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