Champions of Neverwinter

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Neverwinter Raids

The Champions of Neverwinter, a secret group of agents working out of Helm’s Hold, was hired on some missions. A wealthy merchant seeking to reclaim his estate hired the party to clear his mansion of squatting goblins. The party defeated the goblins and restored the estate to its rightful owner. The party refrained from looting the mansion, leaving it the way they found it. The party was assisted by a strange purple and gold elf wizard that left after the mission and did not return to Helm’s Hold. His name was hard to pronounce and none learned it.

Next, the Lord Protector of Neverwinter, the honorable Dagult Neverember, hired Helms Hold to perform a raid on the orcs that are occupying the southeast quarter of the city. The party raided a guard building near the city wall, defeating the orcs (boiling some in a cauldron in fact) and freeing a blacksmith and his apprentice. The party recovered some onyx gems and 2 potions from the orcs, and Cerberus in a rather barbaric act discovered he favors the taste of boiled orc.

The party was paid in gold for their services on both missions.

Kickoff! Devils and Angels

The party awoke and found themselves at the scene of a battle between a large devil and an angel of Tyr, the god of justice. They fought the devil’s minions and when the angel was struck down, he gave Tressa a golden scroll and spoke a word into a her mind; a disturbing and unspeakable word, in the Supernal language of celestial beings.

The devil had the head of a goat and horns, with a broken hoof and a limp. He was wreathed in spiked chains with which he struck at the angel.

The party awoke in their beds, unsure if it was all a dream. In place of a scroll, Tressa found a list of ingredients. They went to the temple of Tyr and learned that one of the ingredients, Acolytes Spiced Wine, could only be found deep in the cellars of the Tyr cathedral – a place dark and ruined and full of monsters. Ergar, the High Priest of Tyr, welcomed the party and welcomed their help.

Now the local priests of Tyr have not had their prayers answered in many years, so most of the priests had left and there were few faithful coming to the cathedral. Hearing about the party’s vision, he thought the bound one the devil referred to could be an Exarch (Archangel) of Tyr, with Firon being the most likely patron that came to mind. As to the meaning of the supernal word, it would require a ritual to discern. However, rituals of Neverwinter’s priests of Tyr have no power today.

Sabine, the Mayor of Neverwinter, held a hearing on the future of the Tyr Cathedral. A wealthy tiefling named Mordai had proposed to take over the cathedral and turn it into a house of entertainment, promising profits for all involved. The party helped Ergar make a case for delaying the decision for one week until the cathedral basement could be cleared of monsters. Mordai was not pleased with their interference and it seemed one of his henchmen may have been following the party. Later that night, a man named Aric visited the party at the cathedral, asking about their intentions and whether the party could be swayed for a price, or might be interested providing their services for other opportunities.


The next day, accompanied by Drogan the pudgy city archeologist, Priest Ergar led the party down into the cellars. The archeologist offered the party 300gp each for detailed maps of the cellars. They spent a few hours exploring the first level but were wounded by the various structural hazards. They decided to pull back, and found a hardy dwarf Dengold the Delver to aid them in the cellars. Despite being nearsighted Dengold proved himself very capable underground and the party continued without further incident until one a deeper level they found a hallway to the cellars. There, a collapse blocked the escape while carrion crawlers scuttled into the hallway to snatch and ferry party members to a lurking black pudding ooze. The party defeated the monsters and made their way to the cellar. They found the spiced wine, recovered 1,200gp of the finer wines in 6 bottles, and discovered a trap door covered in evil red runes. Cerberus broke open the door, shrugging off the magical explosion that had warded it. The party prepares to go investigate further below…


Freeing the Exarch

The party faced off with the devil Abaddon and his cult worshipers deep beneath the cathedral of Tyr. It took two attempts but our heroes defeated the cultists and freed the Exarch. With the archangel’s ascension, the priests of Tyr once again had their divine powers and the cathedral was restored.

The party found much treasure that the cultists had stored, as well as a secret exit leading to a grove that had clearly been used for sacrifices. In the grove they also found a giant lizard, which Cerebrus won over and took in to be his riding mount. Tressa found a magic stone which spoke and called itself Joves, explaining that it was the butler of her family estate. The party also found a mysterious magic loaf of bread, and a gold pin with a stag and crown.

Our heroes celebrated at a tavern where they met Niro a member of the Sons of Algarond, a rebel organization seeking to overthrow the self-appointed governer Dagult Neverembber and install an heir of the original Algarond dynasty, the old king lineage of Neverwinter. Niro recognized the pin as belonging to a missing captain of their organization, and was eager to find out more about how the cultists came by the pin and where the missing captain might be. The Sons of Algarond provided a scout to keep a watch on the grove in case the cultists returned.

Meanwhile, an easy case was made to the Mayor to deny Mordai his plans to turn the cathedral into an entertainment center. After the hearing, they followed Mordai’s carriage using magic bread crumbs from the magic loaf. The party is currently following the crumbs off to the Blacklake district, a former wealthy part of town now largely uninhabited and dangerous…

Under New Management

Following the magic breadcrumbs to Mordai’s estate, the party deemed the defenses manageable and decided to storm the building. Jingji and Romerinn took out the roof defenses with some sneaky work while the Paladin and Invoker burst through the front door. Soon, they had found Mordai’s secret chamber and portal to the hells itself. There, the party faced off with Mordai and his henchmen, when Mordai transformed into the devil Abaddon before their very eyes. The party defeated the devil, and reclaimed ownership of the estate. For the estate bore Tressa’s family crest, and she was the rightful heir. The party also found Mordai’s notes, with plans for a captive sacrifice that very evening and a list of cult cell leaders names disguised in a written code.
Figuring the sacrifice must be taking place at the cult’s secret grove, and having finished off their leader, our heroes finished off the cult by ambushing them in their grove during their ritual. The cultists were slain and a dozen citizens were rescued. Among them was the missing captain of the Sons of Algarond (Henrick). Also there was a city official named Larson who identified Henrick and demanded the party take him captive as an outlaw. Cerebrus refused and chose not to take sides as the city official left in a fuss. Meanwhile, the ranger and Henrick invited the party to join their cause, and offered them gold to raid the city jails and free other members. The party agreed to meet and discuss with their organization further.

On the way back to their new estate, the party met Aric, who asked about the fight and congratulated them on their victory. He asked the party as concerned members of the neighborhood to take on a gang of smugglers operating in the Blacklake district, evil members of the Black Monastary. Romerinn had even heard tales of shapeshifters among their ranks. The thought of these rogue monks operating in Neverwinter made JingJi’s skin crawl with righteous anger, and the party finds themselves drawn deeper into the web of rival powers and factions in the city…

The Black Monestary

Following a disturbance at the local tavern, the party met a wise old master named Zen who told them about an evil monastic tradition that started operating in the city. They were throwing people into chaos and harnessing their negative Chi to fuel their power, storing it in seemlessly harmless crates that had been smuggled into the unofficial port in the blacklake district. The party tracked down the monks and defeated them. They found written instructions from their master, the Black Dragon, who was seeking the Black Stone which he planned to use to throw Neverwinter into chaos.


The Rampaging Dead

The party started searching for the Black Stone, and had a breakthrough when they interviewed Drogan the city historian. He had the stone in his shop of antiquities but it had been stolen. His shop had been broken into through a sewer drain, and a torn piece of grave cloth was found on the drain. Only the stone was taken. Previously, a strange old man with stone grey skin and a staff had inquired about the stone also. Could this man be the Black Dragon that had been seeking the stone? Tressa made a deal with the city historian – if he provided info on the location of her hidden family fortune, and about the history of her family and their relationship to other houses, he would get a 5% cut of the fortune.

They followed down into the drain and through the tunnels and sewers beneath Neverwinter they eventually found the catacombs beneath Neverdeath cemetery. They found the Tomb of Heroes, and inside was a cold chill and many undead to fight. Cerberus obtained a holy sword from the ghost of a dead paladin. The party defeated a powerful Wight that was using the stone to raise undead minions. Now the party has recovered the black stone.

The party was invited to dinner with Neverwinter Mayor, Sabine. He was pleased with the party’s aid to the city, and is seeking their help to eliminate the Sons of Algardon as a threat, preferably by killing their claimed heir to the throne. He offers 10,000 GP. Sabine discusses other challenges of the city, including another buyer that threatens to outbid and hire away the Mintarn Mercenaries that keep order in the city.

The party also met with Niro from the Sons of Algarond. They would not say much about the heir or his location, and did not seem to have much of a vision for how to rebuild the city other than to assume once the rightful heir was on the throne and Dagult Neverember and his mercenaries were driven out then everything would fall into place. Niro admitted their smuggling for the Black Monestary – they paid well – but claimed to have no idea of their schemes. Niro offered the party 5,000 GP to kill Mayor Sabine or Dagult Neverember, or to free their members from the city prison.

The party began to keep an eye on Niro, and tracked him with crumbs from their magic bread. They found he occasionally goes to the blackwater docks and departs on a ship. The dockmaster did not know where the ship goes.
Cerberus had some clothes made, and the tailor Estaban complained that a halfling named Shrew was collecting protection money from all the merchants.

With the state of affairs in Neverwinter, the party begins to wonder whether Dagult or the Algarond heir should rule Neverwinter, or whether they can provide a better alternative…


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