Champions of Neverwinter

Freeing the Exarch

The party faced off with the devil Abaddon and his cult worshipers deep beneath the cathedral of Tyr. It took two attempts but our heroes defeated the cultists and freed the Exarch. With the archangel’s ascension, the priests of Tyr once again had their divine powers and the cathedral was restored.

The party found much treasure that the cultists had stored, as well as a secret exit leading to a grove that had clearly been used for sacrifices. In the grove they also found a giant lizard, which Cerebrus won over and took in to be his riding mount. Tressa found a magic stone which spoke and called itself Joves, explaining that it was the butler of her family estate. The party also found a mysterious magic loaf of bread, and a gold pin with a stag and crown.

Our heroes celebrated at a tavern where they met Niro a member of the Sons of Algarond, a rebel organization seeking to overthrow the self-appointed governer Dagult Neverembber and install an heir of the original Algarond dynasty, the old king lineage of Neverwinter. Niro recognized the pin as belonging to a missing captain of their organization, and was eager to find out more about how the cultists came by the pin and where the missing captain might be. The Sons of Algarond provided a scout to keep a watch on the grove in case the cultists returned.

Meanwhile, an easy case was made to the Mayor to deny Mordai his plans to turn the cathedral into an entertainment center. After the hearing, they followed Mordai’s carriage using magic bread crumbs from the magic loaf. The party is currently following the crumbs off to the Blacklake district, a former wealthy part of town now largely uninhabited and dangerous…



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