Champions of Neverwinter

Kickoff! Devils and Angels

The party awoke and found themselves at the scene of a battle between a large devil and an angel of Tyr, the god of justice. They fought the devil’s minions and when the angel was struck down, he gave Tressa a golden scroll and spoke a word into a her mind; a disturbing and unspeakable word, in the Supernal language of celestial beings.

The devil had the head of a goat and horns, with a broken hoof and a limp. He was wreathed in spiked chains with which he struck at the angel.

The party awoke in their beds, unsure if it was all a dream. In place of a scroll, Tressa found a list of ingredients. They went to the temple of Tyr and learned that one of the ingredients, Acolytes Spiced Wine, could only be found deep in the cellars of the Tyr cathedral – a place dark and ruined and full of monsters. Ergar, the High Priest of Tyr, welcomed the party and welcomed their help.

Now the local priests of Tyr have not had their prayers answered in many years, so most of the priests had left and there were few faithful coming to the cathedral. Hearing about the party’s vision, he thought the bound one the devil referred to could be an Exarch (Archangel) of Tyr, with Firon being the most likely patron that came to mind. As to the meaning of the supernal word, it would require a ritual to discern. However, rituals of Neverwinter’s priests of Tyr have no power today.

Sabine, the Mayor of Neverwinter, held a hearing on the future of the Tyr Cathedral. A wealthy tiefling named Mordai had proposed to take over the cathedral and turn it into a house of entertainment, promising profits for all involved. The party helped Ergar make a case for delaying the decision for one week until the cathedral basement could be cleared of monsters. Mordai was not pleased with their interference and it seemed one of his henchmen may have been following the party. Later that night, a man named Aric visited the party at the cathedral, asking about their intentions and whether the party could be swayed for a price, or might be interested providing their services for other opportunities.


The next day, accompanied by Drogan the pudgy city archeologist, Priest Ergar led the party down into the cellars. The archeologist offered the party 300gp each for detailed maps of the cellars. They spent a few hours exploring the first level but were wounded by the various structural hazards. They decided to pull back, and found a hardy dwarf Dengold the Delver to aid them in the cellars. Despite being nearsighted Dengold proved himself very capable underground and the party continued without further incident until one a deeper level they found a hallway to the cellars. There, a collapse blocked the escape while carrion crawlers scuttled into the hallway to snatch and ferry party members to a lurking black pudding ooze. The party defeated the monsters and made their way to the cellar. They found the spiced wine, recovered 1,200gp of the finer wines in 6 bottles, and discovered a trap door covered in evil red runes. Cerberus broke open the door, shrugging off the magical explosion that had warded it. The party prepares to go investigate further below…




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