Champions of Neverwinter

Under New Management

Following the magic breadcrumbs to Mordai’s estate, the party deemed the defenses manageable and decided to storm the building. Jingji and Romerinn took out the roof defenses with some sneaky work while the Paladin and Invoker burst through the front door. Soon, they had found Mordai’s secret chamber and portal to the hells itself. There, the party faced off with Mordai and his henchmen, when Mordai transformed into the devil Abaddon before their very eyes. The party defeated the devil, and reclaimed ownership of the estate. For the estate bore Tressa’s family crest, and she was the rightful heir. The party also found Mordai’s notes, with plans for a captive sacrifice that very evening and a list of cult cell leaders names disguised in a written code.
Figuring the sacrifice must be taking place at the cult’s secret grove, and having finished off their leader, our heroes finished off the cult by ambushing them in their grove during their ritual. The cultists were slain and a dozen citizens were rescued. Among them was the missing captain of the Sons of Algarond (Henrick). Also there was a city official named Larson who identified Henrick and demanded the party take him captive as an outlaw. Cerebrus refused and chose not to take sides as the city official left in a fuss. Meanwhile, the ranger and Henrick invited the party to join their cause, and offered them gold to raid the city jails and free other members. The party agreed to meet and discuss with their organization further.

On the way back to their new estate, the party met Aric, who asked about the fight and congratulated them on their victory. He asked the party as concerned members of the neighborhood to take on a gang of smugglers operating in the Blacklake district, evil members of the Black Monastary. Romerinn had even heard tales of shapeshifters among their ranks. The thought of these rogue monks operating in Neverwinter made JingJi’s skin crawl with righteous anger, and the party finds themselves drawn deeper into the web of rival powers and factions in the city…



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